National S'mores Day! 🍫🔥

I always grimace when I open Instagram and find my feed flooded with posts about #national[insert random food here]day. Before it was trendy to post about random holidays on Instagram, I had no idea that every day of the year was a different food holiday. Did you know that February 4th is National Stuffed Mushroom Day, December 22nd is National Date Nut Bread Day, and July 8th is Chocolate with Almonds Day?

You get the point: most national food days seem futile. However, for the first time, I decided to embrace a food holiday today, National S'mores Day. Behold a S'mores Brownie Skillet, featuring a graham cracker crust, gooey homemade brownie, toasted marshmallows, and of course, Fudge Brownie and Triple Cookie Dough Little G ice creams. Maybe I can get behind this trend after all... 


-Grace <3

grace connor