June 24th, 2016

June 24th, 2016


This week’s Badass Chick is 17-year-old Grace Connor, owner of little g ice cream co. Her story is great, and she’s hands down one of my favorite Badass Chicks!

When Grace was just 5 years old, she began baking. It all started when she and her older sister attempted to make a cake for their dad’s birthday. It didn’t go very well – but she absolutely loved it, and she was hooked. For years she experimented with and perfected her craft, coming up with incredibly yummy baked goods that she sold to friends and neighbors by the time she was 10.

By her early teen years, Grace was mixing her baked goods with her homemade ice cream (she got an ice cream maker as a present at the age of 8) and she decided to turn her passion into a real business. Over six months, she created her LLC, got herself a lawyer and applied for all the necessary permits and licenses. All by herself.

Grace gets her homework done in school and spends all of her free time working on her business. She does all of it by herself, though family and friends are kind enough to come with her to the kitchen space she rents and help her wash dishes. Grace has already begun selling her ice cream at local eateries in Allston, the South End and Cambridge, and she has no plans to stop. She wants to take her business national and spread happiness through her ice cream, because she herself has fond memories involving family, friends and – of course – ice cream fromher childhood.

I absolutely love that Grace is so driven, and I have no doubt that little g ice cream co is going to be a staple in businesses all across the country!

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