I have always loved ice cream. My earliest memories are spending summers on Nantucket with daily trips to the local ice cream parlor and eating ice cream for breakfast with my grandparents.

Even before I was an ice cream maker, I was a baker. At five, I baked my first cake— a birthday cake for my dad— with help from my older sister. It was pretty bad, but I was hooked after that sugary afternoon. I spent all of my free time testing new cookie, cake, and brownie recipes. I guess I had a knack, because family and friends wanted to buy my desserts. An informal baking business was born in our kitchen that just kept growing. I saved every penny that did not go to supplies or buying cookbooks.

When I was eight, my mom bought me an ice cream maker. Spinning ice cream was a new thrill, and the most fun was realizing that ice cream could be the perfect complement for my baked goods. I tested hundreds of flavor combinations.

At sixteen I was accepted into the CommonWealth Kitchen to make ice cream. Six months of prep and permitting later, I launched little g ice cream co. in January of 2016.

I walked through a snowstorm to deliver my first order to a specialty grocer in the South End of Boston. My pints of Triple Cookie Dough, Fudge Brownie, and Coffee Toffee Caramel sold out in less than a week.

This is an incredible journey— and a great beginning for little g! Happiness for me has always been seeing the smile that comes from sharing a homemade sweet. I hope you will try my flavors and let me know what you think.